Investing in an underground sprinkler system can be a difficult decision to make. Concerned that the installation will destroy your backyard? How often should you schedule regular maintenance? We receive countless questions from our commercial and residential customers. Take a look at some of the most common ones we come across.


Will the sprinkler installation ruin my lawn?

Rainmakers uses cutting-edge machinery to dig underneath your yard. This equipment minimizes the amount of damage done to your lawn as our technicians install the pipe system. Typically, most lawns will grow back in 7-10 days.

How long does the installation process take?

We've installed hundreds of underground irrigation systems, so we think we've gotten it down to a science. Depending on the size of your lawn and the complexity of your landscaping, installation normally takes 1-2 days.

How long after I call will does take for my lawn sprinklers to be installed?

It all depends on the time of the year you contact Rainmakers. Spring is always the busiest season for us, so we recommend that you contact our team during the winter. This allows for us to inspect your property during the off-season, and then set a date for installation as soon as the weather gets warmer. Once summer rolls around, you'll already have your irrigation system good to go!

Will my lawn mower break the sprinkler heads?

No. All of the sprinklers used by Rainmakers have plastic, spring-loaded nozzles, which pop out from the ground. This allows lawn mowers to easily pass over them without causing any damage.

How long will my sprinkler system last?

With proper maintenance, your Rainmakers underground sprinkler system will last for at least 30 years.

What type of maintenance is required for my system?

Rainmakers advises that your entire system is drained using compressed air in the Fall. This will remove any excess debris or lingering water from your underground pipes.

What is a “Turn-On” and “Turn-Off”? Why are they important?

During a “Turn On”, a Rainmakers technician turns on all your lawn sprinklers to check that they are all working correctly. If needed, he can adjust the spray pattern, replace broken nozzles, and adjust the water pressure. This service is normally performed in the Spring.

A “Turn Off” is when our technician runs compressed air through your system's pipes. This helps to remove any lingering water from the system, thus preventing freeze damage during the winter. We normally perform this service in late Fall, before colder temperatures arrive.

What are the basic types of sprinklers?

There are two major types of sprinklers that we use for our residential and commercial systems.

Rotary sprinklers shoot a stream of water about 30-40 feet. These sprinklers are commonly used to water larger lawns with multiple types of foliage.

Mist sprinklers gently spray water only 4-15 feet away, but do not rotate. They are typically used to saturate the foundation of larger plants with extensive root systems

Spring is finally here. Is it too cold to turn on my system?

It depends. Rainmakers will switch on and inspect your lawn sprinkler system in early Spring. We want to make sure that the whole system is functioning before summer. During this time, your technician will replace broken sprinkler heads, adjust water pressure, and make any necessary repairs.

The weather is getting colder. Will my pipes freeze?

If you keep up with seasonal maintenance, this shouldn't be an issue. However, if there is water still left in your pipes as temperatures drop, they may freeze. Rainmakers strongly recommends that you have one of our technicians clear your pipes in late-Fall.




We always provide a complimentary consultation and estimate prior to any engagement. FOR NEW INSTALLATION ONLY.

“I had always avoided a sprinkler system, fearing the installation would destroy my lawn. After working with Rainmakers, they designed a custom system, all with minimal digging! And my yard looks so lush and healthy now!”

Janice Walker - Bolingbrook, IL

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