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Whether your lawn sprinklers are brand-new, or are several years old, they must be compliant with all local, state, and federal water regulations. In Illinois, this means that every residential and commercial irrigation system must feature a functioning backflow device that is inspected every year.


Preventing bacteria, chemicals, and fertilizer from entering your water supply, your backflow assembly creates a small bubble of air that acts as a barrier to these impurities. A broken or malfunctioning backflow assembly lets these containments to seep into your underground sprinkler system, decreasing pipe pressure and poisoning your entire yard. Rainmakers technicians are fully-certified and licensed to handle your backflow needs, including device maintenance, repair, and replacement. We strictly follow all standards enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the state of Illinois.


RPZ Testing

Your Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) preventer is a crucial part of your irrigation system. Acting as a safeguard against impurities, this simple device reverses the flow of impure water away from your system, keeping your landscaping and loved ones protected. To safeguard your sprinkler system, an RPZ assembly must be functioning at all times. When you receive a testing notification from the local water company, reach out to the RPZ testing experts at Rainmakers to schedule an inspection.


RPZ devices can break down as different parts slowly wear out. From clogged chambers and freeze damage, to debris removal and incorrect water pressure, our technicians recognize the common issues that can impact RPZ devices and RPZ testing. Even if your system has a new assembly, Rainmakers will work with you to find a cost-effective replacement that ensures you’re compliment with all regulations.




We always provide a complimentary consultation and estimate prior to any engagement. FOR NEW INSTALLATION ONLY.

“When Rainmakers inspected my RPZ assembly and told me it wasn't functioning, I was naturally worried. Their technician quickly found a replacement, installed it, and now I have safe water! Thanks Rainmakers!”

Anthony Romano - Shorewood, IL

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