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Automated sprinkler systems and outdoor irrigation can keep landscaping healthy with minimal upkeep from business owners and families. While these lawn sprinklers are cost-effective time-savers, regular inspections and repairs are required to ensure peak performance.

Each residential and commercial system is designed to water your landscaping with minimal maintenance, but repairs and periodic upgrades are strongly recommended by Rainmakers. Wether we installed your system, or one of our competitors, you still benefit from our industry-leading experience and products. From improper spray patterns, to expanding your underground piping, you can’t afford to have leaky nozzles and malfunctioning valves redirecting water away from your lawn.



Commercial Irrigation Maintenance

Even seemingly insignificant issues can have a disastrous impact on your landscaping or water supply. If you’re responsible for the upkeep of several apartment complexes, or an entire business park, something as small as a broken pipe can result in thousands of dollars in damage. Don’t let that happen to you. Let Rainmakers help keep your system functional and efficient.

There are countless warning signs that your underground sprinkler system is in need of repair. Dry areas along a flower bed can indicate a bent sprinkler head, while it might also reflect damaged or clogged pipes. You never can truly know the extent of the problem until you call the team at Rainmakers. With a lawn sprinkler system from Rainmakers, you’ll earn peace of mind knowing that your property will stay properly hydrated, year-round. You’ll also benefit from increased curb appeal and lower water bills, allowing you to get back to running your business.


Residential Irrigation Maintenance

It’s a situation that no homeowner wants to experience. You set your watering schedule, allowing your sprinkler system to keep your lawn hydrated during your long vacation. After returning home a week later, you discover that a faulty valve didn’t stop the flow of water, flooding your entire yard. Plants have died and water seeped into your foundation. Rainmakers has seen it happen to countless families over the years, costing them thousands of dollars that they can’t afford.


At Rainmakers, our team works hard to make sure that you never have to deal with such a stressful and expensive experience. Our professional technicians service all lawn sprinkler systems across Chicagoland. Whether you use rotary sprinkles for your expansive lawn, or mist nozzles for your hedges, Rainmakers knows what it takes to keep your system running. Simply put, we’ve seen it all and fixed it all. Armed with cutting-edge equipment and proven brands, we’ll find a sprinkler system to fix your problem, including:


  • Missing Nozzles
  • Design Limitations
  • Pipe Leaks & Breaks
  • Blocked & Faulty Sprinklers
  • Overspray
  • Broken Valves
  • Spring Start-Ups
  • Winter Shut-Downs





We always provide a complimentary consultation and estimate prior to any engagement. FOR NEW INSTALLATION ONLY.

“Rainmakers exceeded my expectations! As the owner of an apartment complex, I needed to increase curb appeal. Rainmakers helped me accomplish just that with my own sprinkler system.”

Charlie Francis - Downers Grove, IL

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